Aug 15


Aug 04

“Most exciting for Open Source for America, though, are the projects that improve public-private collaboration. By releasing taxpayer-funded software to the public, we allow citizens themselves to take a role in improving their government.” — An open farewell to Vivek Kundra |

Aug 03

“Instead of cashing in on what could be a $1.2 trillion industry, our patchwork collection of local, city, and state governments fight over who should pay to update our infrastructure. This needs to stop.” — Why The U.S. Government Should Embrace Smart Cities | Fast Company

Aug 01

“We’d like you to leave right now," said Heiferman, pointing to the door. Then he slapped the judge’s table and stood up, calling out in mock outrage, "You come up here and give us a fucking Philly skyline?” — Hacking The Big Apple | Fast Company

“I was encouraged by what I heard from Mr. Singleton and his staff last week at Baltimore Data Day, but long-term success for Open Baltimore still seems somewhat in doubt.” — The Road ahead for Open Baltimore

Jul 28

“After months of development and many discussions, we are very excited to announce the official public launch of The site is a collaborative platform for the open government community at NASA to share success stories and projects related OpenGov from around the agency.” — NASA launches new open government site with open source tools | Gov 2.0: The Power of Platforms

“"The meetings of the Government Accountability and Transparency Board are not required to be open to the public under the Government in the Sunshine Act," Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board communications director Edward Pound told me via email, citing chapter and verse of a U.S. Court of Appeals case to prove his point.” — First Government Transparency Board Meeting Happens Behind Closed Doors | techPresident

Jul 27

“We’re creating a new type of survey page that developers, property owners, and entrepreneurs can use to connect with neighborhood residents during the development process.” — Here comes the Neighborland

“We think it will be a popular new tool for government accountability, fighting systemic corruption, and facilitating a more deliberative democracy. And this is just the start, we hope, of a truly robust open API for constituent communication … but first, we need to give the public some user-friendly tools for sending compelling emails to their members of Congress, and then organizing their communities around them for greater effect.” — OpenCongress 3.0 empowers citizens to contact their legislators | Gov 2.0: The Power of Platforms

Jul 25

“I am absolutely convinced that your generation will help us solve these problems.” — Obama: “I am absolutely convinced that your generation will help us solve these problems” | Gov 2.0: The Power of Platforms