Jul 27

“We think it will be a popular new tool for government accountability, fighting systemic corruption, and facilitating a more deliberative democracy. And this is just the start, we hope, of a truly robust open API for constituent communication … but first, we need to give the public some user-friendly tools for sending compelling emails to their members of Congress, and then organizing their communities around them for greater effect.” — OpenCongress 3.0 empowers citizens to contact their legislators | Gov 2.0: The Power of Platforms

Jul 25

“I am absolutely convinced that your generation will help us solve these problems.” — Obama: “I am absolutely convinced that your generation will help us solve these problems” | Gov 2.0: The Power of Platforms

“Engaging our residents in service opportunities provides them with the ability to get involved directly in their community, while helping the city of Phoenix maintain service levels our residents are accustomed to," Cynthia Aguilar, City Service Officer said in the news release. "The new website will make it easy for residents to find and apply for volunteer opportunities citywide.” — Phoenix launches volunteer program website

Jul 21

“The reality is that one of the best possible ways to make government more collaborative, effective, and efficient, is to use the Internet and the technologies available to our great city to create the opportunities for innovation that the pledge alludes to.” — Melissa Blaustein: Why the Next Mayor Needs to Understand Open Government


Jul 19

The status quo isn’t just making things difficult, it’s asphyxiating government’s ability to serve.

- @cjoh

” — An Open Letter to CIO Vivek Kundra - A Healthy Information Diet -


"As a way of doing business, open data will not succeed unless we also open the door to dialogue."

- British Columbia Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government Stephanie Cadieux

” — DataBC now Live | techPresident


Jul 18

"I’m hoping data can be useful to people tracking trends in browser adoption and trends in mobile usage."


” — hosts nationwide hackathon on open data from URL shortener